Aimee, We Are Legit ~

Tonight I had dinner with friends.  While chatting we were discussing my up-coming race, and my friend seemed suspicious that Aimee and I have not officially signed up  for our race.  The one I continue to talk about.  He thought that to not fully commit was creating a ‘easy out’ come race day.   B U S T E D.  Pretty sure he knows me….  So Mike, thank you, for pushing me to register, knowing that if I didn’t,  I would totally be at Snooze for breakfast that morning eating waffles and bacon, chasing mimosa’s  down, talking about how I couldn’t get it done.  You clearly know me well.   Aimee….we are ready to go!  This race is on and we will cross this off  our bucket list.   I Love my friends.  They motivate me and hold me accountable.



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