Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones……And Calling Me Carb Face Really Hurts My Feelings…..

One of the amazing things about our skin is that it’s a mirror of our lifestyle.  Well, sometimes that’s amazingly sucky, but non-the-less I can look and feel someone’s skin and can tell a lot.  I am obviously not a Doctor and unlike many of my peers don’t claim to think I can diagnose, cure or do more to a person’s skin or appearance than they can.  So in my room I skip using medical terms (because I don’t know them) and call it as I see it— in layman’s terms.  And there apparently lies the problem….  Here is one example…last January I was seeing a client that always looks gorgeous.  Works out, great skin, clean diet,  looks young, etc.  At this one particular appointment her eyes were really heavy and swollen.  Her entire face was a bit more swollen than normal.  She told me she thought she needed to get eye surgery.  Her eyes never looked like this, and it was freaking her out.  During the appointment we were talking about the holidays and our over indulgences; she was telling me about all of the parties she had been to and the horrible food she had been eating.  I suddenly had enough information to make my ‘diagnosis’  and said, “You don’t need eye surgery.  You have carb face  (See, I don’t know the proper medical term for said condition, but I am certain that none of my Docs dictate carb face on their files).  Now that it’s January clean up your diet and your eyes will be fine.”   I thought nothing else of it……

Fast forward to a few weeks later and Robin had a party I was unable to attend—(Now I am going to change names as to not further insult people)  Sarah went up to Liz and said, “Did Lisa really tell Stacey she had carb face?”  To which another guest over heard and chimed in and said,  “she said I was developing exercise face.  What does that even mean?”   The chances of me accidentally offending people in my treatment room is rare.  Them all being at the same party is an epic disaster.  After a few (too many) cocktails they all decided to call me together.  That was fun.  I calmly explained that at least none of then were battling vegetarian face and that their high alcohol consumption was not helping to alleviate any carb face going on.  (If you are a vegetarian reading this, about to email me, don’t.  I seriously can tell you don’t eat meat.  Yes really.)

If you have been the recipient of any of these terms here is a guide with my explanations;

Carb Face – (n)  The puffy appearance one’s face takes on after binge drinking or eating a large, lumberjack sized meal.  Other culprits include pasta, rice, pizza, etc.  Rule of thumb:  Anything that will bloat your stomach will bloat your face.

Exercise Face – (n) The potential appearance of people who exercise to excess to improve their body, and in doing so look like skeletor in the face.  Or have sun damaged and weathered skin from all the outdoorsy stuff outdoorsy exercisers like to do.

Vegetarian/Vegan Face – (n) I know you think you look healthier than carnivores but trust me, a big slab of meat does the skin good.  It keeps you off the path of  looking pale and emaciated.  Fact.

Anyways, I know each condition because I have had all of them (and sometimes at the same time).  Your diet and lifestyle play the largest role in your skin health and appearance.  In the quest for more beautiful skin that glows the importance of a healthy diet is all too often overlooked.  The condition of your skin reflects what is going on inside your body, so it is crucial to feed it a healthy diet.

Your skin is the largest organ in your body and has very important responsibilities including producing sebum, detoxification, regulating temperature, monitoring outside assaults, protecting you from harmful elements, and much more. By taking care of your internal health with healthy food choices your skin can better perform its important tasks while encouraging healthy looking skin.  So instead of thinking you need a lower eyelid surgery at 26, maybe don’t eat the entire bag of Doritos after your 5th martini.

Well, I  am on my way to train….half  marathon is in 3 weeks!  Yikes. Yes, I can already hear you wishing ‘runners face’ on me.  That’s fair.  Everything I say, I do say with love :-)

Have a great weekend!


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