Check This Out…

Don’t think you need sunscreen everyday of the year?

The first slide is NOT a before/after picture.  The woman in the photo worked in an office where the left side of her face was against a window.   The photo was taken on the same day, after 15 years of exposure.  We know that UVA (aging) rays penetrate through clouds and glass.  They also penetrate 30-40 times deeper into the skin, causing that “cumulative” damage (leathery, wrinkled skin, etc.)  UVB (burning) rays are what cause the immediate show of effect on the skin; that red/pink hue that shows you are getting sunburned.  Both contribute to skin cancer, but UVA can also increase the damaging effects of UVB.

May is Melanoma Awareness Month, you need to wear your sunscreen inside and outside, sunny or cloudy, everyday of the year.  I tell my client’s, “If you don’t need a flashlight, you need your sunscreen.”

Have a fantastic weekend!

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